Worth the pain


It’s funny how pain is felt regardless of your age,race and status in life. 

Pain. All of us have experienced it one way or the other.Whether you are young or already old, pain has played or could still be playing a part in your life.You cannot completely ran away from it.You can try to pretend or do something to forget the pain but it will still find you. Believe  me it will find you.And when it does find you  should just smile at it.Try to accept it, because there is nothing more you can do but to feel it.

Some of us including me, are afraid to take chances. Especially if we are unsure of the outcome.We are not sure if that chance will not turn into another failure and cause us so much pain that it would make us hate life or regret taking that chance in the first place.Truth is  we are afraid to get hurt so we protect ourselves from everything. The wall that prevents us from seeing what is out there.It is not only the pain or failures that we desperately try  to hide away from; but also the beauty of life.The love and happiness that makes us strong;we also hide from it.

Honestly, i don’t like pain. And i will never enjoy it. Yes,they say that pain is what reminds you that you are still alive but so does love..right? Since i can’t totally remove pain while living this life, i would rather face it.Feel it.but not too much…i don’t want to live my life in constant pain.So maybe i’ll have a little bit of pain..maybe a teaspoon of it,a sprinkle of someone’s smile, a cup of love,and 1 litre of happiness cooked at the right temperature of contentment.

BE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS WORTH ALL THE PAIN.So that it will not be pain anymore, but just LOVE.