How to go to DFA BACOLOD from ILOILO city 2017

This blog is for those who cannot get an online appointment in the dfa website. When I checked online, all dates for this month are already full and possibly the next month also.So if you are in a hurry then my advice to you would be to go to  DFA BACOLOD.

from Iloilo City take a taxi ride (we wanted to save money so we rode a jeepney, but ended up spending more and also the pedicab driver will charge you 20 pesos each) going to Domestic Port area,  ILOILO River Wharf.So just take a taxi if you do not know how to go there exactly.

When you arrive at the terminal choose which fastcraft you want to take you to bacolod. Here are some choices:

You should arrive at DFA BACOLOD early which means that you need to book a ferry ticket that travels to bacolod at an early time.Travel time is only 1 hour.

After paying for your ticket,you also need to pay for the Environmental fee which is 30 pesos.And you need to pay this 10-15 minutes before you travel.

If you want to save money you can also buy a 2 way ticket.The dfa processing will only take a few hours if you are early.Half a day is enough.But if you come late then you would probably be spending the whole day there since they will first cater those who have an online appointment.

We chose ocean jet because we wanted to leave early.It costs 150 for open air and 200 for seats with air conditioning.But the open air was a great experience.We saw a beautiful view going to bacolod and of course fresh air!.


While waiting for your ferry, you can enjoy the amenities inside the terminal

They have a clean CR.

A charging area

Some massage chairs

A play den for children


And now it is time to board the ferry. Yehey!

Arriving at bacolod, there are jeepneys there that can take you to Rorbinsons where the Dfa is located.They charge 20 pesos each for that.It will take about 10 minutes to get there.Or you can also ride a taxi if you want to.



DFA bacolod is located at the 3rd floor of Robinsons.

They accepted my application for replacement of lost passport but i have to wait for 15 days clearing period.After 15 days I have to back to bacolod, give my supporting documents and pay for  the charges.

I finished my application after a few hours then decided to go back to the terminal.We took a taxi from robinsons to the terminal for 90 pesos.

Since there are no more open air seats available we paid 245 for air con seats.

That’s it!. I hope this will help you save time and money in applying for your passport as a walk-in applicant in Bacolod.


Passport Replacement Application for Lost Philippines Passport 2017


                   I needed to get a new passport since I lost my old one.And I thought it was not that big of a deal since it was easy to apply for a new one..or so it thought.. Unfortunately, there is a new system if you want to apply for a passport and it is online. The Department of Foreign Affairs office here at Iloilo City will not accept walk-in applicants except for Senior Citizens and OFW (but you must have a valid contract and a valid visa. You need to present these 2 requirements in order for them to accommodate you or else they will just tell you that they cannot do anything).

                  Then someone told me that the DFA bacolod accepts walk-in applicants.I was doubtful at first because I do not have enough information about it and I did not want to spend money going there and end up being told that they will not accept my application.There is also the fact that it is a lost passport and not just a regular application or renewal.I had 2 choices, wait until March since that was the only available date for online appointment or take a risk going to DFA Bacolod  and process my passport application there instead.

Luckily, they do accept walk-ins  even for special cases.

So without further ado here are the steps and some tips on applying for a lost passport

a. Prepare everything. Before going to bacolod make sure that you have all your needed documents with you.You would not want to go back and forth just because you lack some documents and you will end up spending a lot of money and wasted time.

*Documents needed:

  1. NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS with detailed explanation on when where and how it got lost.
  2. if the passport is still valid, submit a police report.
  3. photocopy of the first page of lost passport (if available)
  4. Birth certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Authority. ( report of birth duly authenticated by PSA if born abroad)And make sure that your birth certificate is not blurred or else they will require you to get a transcribed birth certificate from the LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY.
  5. You also need atleast 1 of the acceptable ID’s below:                                                                       LIST OF ACCEPTABLE IDS (At least 1 of the following):
    • Government-issued picture IDs such as the following:
    • Digitized SSS ID
    • Driver’s License
    • GSIS E-card
    • PRC ID
    • IBP ID
    • OWWA ID
    • Digitized BIR ID
    • Senior Citizen’s ID
    • Unified Multi-Purpose ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Other acceptable picture IDs such as the following:
    • Old College ID
    • Alumni ID
    • Old Employment IDs

    6. You need to take with you a LIST OF SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (Old documents issued at least one year prior to date of application that show correct name, date and place of birth, picture and signature of applicant, at least 2 of the following):

    • PSA Marriage Contract
    • Land Title
    • Seaman’s Book
    • Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
    • Government Service Record
    • NBI Clearance(expired and new)
    • Police Clearance
    • Barangay Clearance(expired and new)
    • Digitized Postal ID
    • Readable SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed Copy of SSS-E1 Form
    • Voter’s Certification, List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record (please attach receipt)
    • School Yearbook

    TAKE NOTE: there is a 15 day clearing period before they will actually process your new passport. When you arrive at the DFA office you will initially submit some documents. So just bring all the needed documents just to be sure.All in all it will take 15 days clearing period plus 20 working days 0r 10 working days if you pay for Expedite E-PASSPORT.

    FEES: REGULAR PASSPORT-(20 WORKING DAYS) = 950 PESOS                                                         EXPEDITE E-PASSPORT-(10 DAYS) = 1200                                                                                      Additional 350 pesos fine for lost passport.

     here is the link for dfa online appointment:

    The online  appointment system for passport application is a nice solution to the long lines that one needs to endure when applying for a passport but this new system causes a great deal of stress and money for those who cannot get an online appointment since all the dates are booked in which case you need to wait for months!! just to get an appointment.And what if you are not a senior citizen or an ofw?This seems unfair to other people. Good thing that DFA Bacolod still accepts walk-ins but what happens when they will not accept walk-ins anymore? Do we have to wait months before we can have a passport?

Volunteer for yourself



I stand up to volunteer myself.

I volunteer to be happy because i desereve it.

I volunteer to experience  what life has to offer.

I volunteer to see how beautiful the world is.

I volunteer to appreciate what God has given me.

I volunter to be strong even when everybody expects me to give up.

I volunteer to stand up for myself even when i am alone.

I volunteer to fight for my right.

I volunteer to love with all that i can but still have respect for myself.

I volunteer to try learning to forgive those who have hurt me even though they  are not sorry for it.

I volunteer to improve myself in any possible way that i can.

I volunteer to learn from my mistakes and learn from it.

I volunteer to work hard in making my dreams come true.

I volunteer to fail so i can reach success.

I volunteer to have faith and hope even when things seem impossible.

I volunteer to trust God in everything that i do because he is more powerful than any struggle or pain that life might throw at me.

I volunteer to love myself when nobody else can.

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Reasons why i volunteer


I volunteer because no one else wants to.No one wants to waste their time into something that does not concern them or affect them directly.Why put all the effort and time caring about other people when they do not care about you right? Life is just about “me” so i should focus only on “me”.And that is when we fail to see how big the world is. We fail to understand the purpose of life.We can only see ourselves.

I volunteer  because i care.I try not to care but it is hard. It’s hard to sleep well at night knowing someone needs your help.It’s hard not to care when you see others having a difficult time.I get palpitations when i see how someone tries so hard to be unfair to other people.

I volunteer because it makes me happy.It gives me a feeling of satisfaction. A sense of fulfillment knowing that you’ve helped other people.Happiness that cannot be bought.

I volunteer because my conscience tells me it is the right thing to do.That even if i try to ignore or forget about it, it will eventually haunt me with regrets.

I volunteer not just for myself but for others.

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My pain


I feel the pain everyday.

I feel it in everything that i do.

It is there when i lay down and rest.

I feel it even when i close my eyes and as i breathe.

I have been feeling this pain for a long time; like it is already a part of me.

It makes me confused as to whether this pain is what keeps me alive.

At first i thought that the pain will just fade away.

That if i endured for a little longer, my body and mind will eventually adjust to it.

I thought i was strong enough beat this.

I even thought that a little pain is okay.

It will not hurt me that much.

But now i can see how it is changing me.

I do not only feel pain; i also feel the anger spreading in my mind.

I can feel the anger inside me.

My heart beats with anger.

My mind constantly pushing me to my limits.

When will all of these stop.

I do not want this pain anymore.

I cannot have anger inside of me.

My soul is crying for help.

It wants and needs to escape.

I canot stay like this till the end of my life.

I have to save myself.

You may think that i am selfish.

Or that i am a coward.

Think whatever you want of me.

But just let me be.

Let me be free.




Trust is like a glass.

You hold it well because you know it’s worth.

You know that once it falls, nothign will be thesame again.

It will not be beautiful as it used to be.

It requires honesty and faith.

It requires responsibility.

It is simply given to you with conditions that need to be followed.

That is what trust is.

You cannot love with all of your heart without trust.

and to anyone who has loved; knows what trust is.

that just one mistake is all it takes.

It does not matter how big or small it is.

for trust does choose which one breaks it.

as long as it is broken, it does not matter anymore.

So take very good care of that trust.

Look after it .

Treasure it.

It will only be like that  once.

my response to Trust


Tell me it’s going to be okay

Tell me nothing will get in our way.

That i don’t need to worry about tomorrow.

I don’t need to feel the world’s sorrow.

Because whatever happens you will be there for me.

Tell me that i can fall asleep,

that i can close my eyes and still feel you,

see you and smell you.

Please help me forget

and just love without regret.


Tell me everything  will be okay.

That we are more than okay.

That we are better than just “good”

Because we know how to love.

We know what is love.


So just tell me how much you need me.

How much you miss me.

How much you mean to me.

How you always dream to be with me.


Love me.

Tell me.