When our time comes


When the right time comes for us to see each other, i will hold you. I will hug you so tight just so i would feel that you are really with me.that i am not dreaming or imagining things again.The warmth of your body will make time stop.And for every second that i feel you,i will cherish it for the rest of my life.I will make sure that i remember the feeling of being with you so i can take you with me wherever i go.I will never waste the chance to finally be with the person that i love.It will be my chance to show you how much you mean to me.

When i see you, i’m pretty sure i’d kiss you.Maybe i’ll be shy at first but the day will not end without me kissing you.I hope you will hold my hand.I wish you will pull me close to you as we walk.I would look at you with a smile that is only for you.I will pray so hard for the day to not end because i will never want to say goodbye to you.I can’t afford to lose you again.

When we meet, we will go to places that we love.Eat at our favorite restaurants.Watch movies with me.Anything..as long as i am with you. I want to spend every time that i have with you.

I’ll surprise you with stolen kisses..warm hugs… and my sweet love.

I want to keep you in my heart.Stay there for as long as you like. My heart will keep you safe and take care of you. You will never be alone again. Just give it a chance.If only you could hear it shouting your name,over and over again. It is so eager to be with you.It wants to love you.Maybe you are wondering why.Why it chose you.Honestly it did not plan to fall for you. It just needed someone to talk to.But you did something to it. It began to beat a little faster when it feels you.My heart longs for you.

Nothing is certain in this world except my ¬†feelings for you.I am sure of that. if i was given a chance to be with you now, i would grab it. For some people this maybe an absurd way of thinking.They might think that all of it is nonsense since I’ve never even met you yet. They can laugh or judge me any way they like.As for me, you are my reality;my priority.

I have been missing you since the first day that i have loved you.

My best happiness.

My love.