To say i miss you is an understatement

Missing you

Every inch of me misses everything about you.

Your eyes, your smile. Your voice.

It has a special effect on me that no else have ever done to me.

The mere thought of you makes my eyes and heart smile unconsciously.

I have these sudden palpitations that make me fear that I might not calm myself down.

Relax dear heart….relax.

Staring at your beautiful face makes me forget reality.

You hypnotize me with that look.

Taking me to a place that I never want to leave.

My time does not stop when I talk to you; rather it is as if time moves so fast;

That I can’t believe it’s already time to say goodnight to you.

My mind can’t stop thinking about you.

I tried to, but I could not.

I can only imagine you here with me.

Fate has once again played a trick on me.

Letting me know and feel you even though you are so far away from me.

What does it want me to learn from this?

Now you have become my happiness.

My everything.

If only I was given a chance to go back in time,

I would look for you.

I would show you how I feel.

Words are not enough.

In my heart and in my mind I know you are the only one that I desire.

My wish.

My dream come true.

My love.