I am me.


I am me. I am not perfect nor do i want to be. I enjoy being alone but that does not mean that i want to be alone everyday. I enjoy reading books or anything that is interesting. I also enjoy watching movies, especially horror movies, although i can’t watch it alone.I don’t know why i like to scare myself. lol. I like listening to music a lot.It lifts my mood.I am a morning person. waking up early in the morning makes me feel better and happy than waking up late.I hate working night shifts it really kills my day. 

I really enjoy being with people who have a sense of humor. It’s like no matter what the situation is they are still happy because they know that everything is going to be okay in the end.They even make you forget that the problem is a problem.

I admire people who are kind. People who think about others’ feeling before themselves. They always forgive and give people who hurt them a chance to love them.To correct the wrong things that they have done.

I appreciate friends who are always there for you. Friends whom you may not communicate  or see everyday but you know that they will always have your back.Friends who care and accept you for who you are.They are the friends worth keeping.

I am the kind of person who trusts easily.Yes i am gullible.But when my trust gets broken i probably may not trust you again or not care about you the same way again.I can forgive you but don’t expect me to be like before.

When i love, i give my all.That’s just me.I take a chance on someone.Although i know that i might get hurt again or it might not last, i still make an effort to show someone what i feel inside.i will make sure you know that i love you. But if you continue to hurt me or neglect me, whatever feeling i have for you will fade away.You can’t blame me for that. I loved you but you didn’t love me back.

I love my family.No matter what they do they will always be my family and i will love them till  my last breathe.

I am a thinker. I always think of ways on how to solve things or make my life easier. Some times i think about other people’s problems which is a waste of time…most of the time.I don’t know.Maybe i just want to help them if it was possible.It is tiring and stressful on my part.

I don’t think about my future that much.Although, i always reflect on the things that i have done.Like decisions that i have made in my life. Blessing that have been given to me.And my stupidity when it comes to love.I feel like i have much to learn in life.

I can be consistent if i want to..But the problem is i get bored easily.So i shift to another thing again.

Sometimes i let people see what they want to see.So they think they know me.

I don’t want to be everybody else.i am not saying that i am better than anybody.I believe that i am just a simple human being.But i want to be original. I want to live a life that i want and not what everybody else expects me to be. I want to be happy in my own way.

So this is me.But it’s not everything.