This is why you won’t give up.


Have you ever felt like everything that you’re doing is wrong? As if every move that you make is a formula for disaster. What are you doing wrong that people seem to see only your flaws? It’s like you’re the apple of their eyes but in a bad way. Why is it always you? You know for a fact that you are doing your best but it seems like other people could not see your hard work. Actually, they don’t see you working at all. You work your ass off but all they can see is your mistake. One stupid mistake and they think you are worthless. And so you lose that little hope that you’ve got since the first day that you started working. You thought you’d be able to adjust easily and learn everything that you needed as fast as possible. Unfortunately, everything has not been going well. As expected.

You become irritated and a bit anxious. You feel like they need to hear your side of the story. To explain everything that happened. And that what happened was not really a mistake but was just a mere victim of coincidence. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. How would you explain all of these to them? Even if you could, would they even believe you? They don’t even trust you. So what makes you think that they would believe each and every word that comes out of your mouth? Life’s a bitch sometimes. You play fair but life can change the rules anytime it wants.

Then you realize that you can’t give up. You are already on your lowest. The good thing also have nowhere else to go but “up”. Why give up if tomorrow you’ll be on top? Why not try again to be better if tomorrow you can be the best? Why not show each and every one of them that you are not what they think you are. Well what they think is not really important. But to see the look on their faces when they see how good and valuable you are? Now that is priceless.

Be confident but don’t be proud.Make mistakes but never stop learning. That is what matters.

It is not important if you’ve failed many times. The hell they care if you fail a hundred times! You should be happy because those hundred times of mistakes, shows how strong you are because YOU never gave up. You fought to learn from everything.

So don’t you dare give up! For tomorrow you will be better than yesterday.