Volunteer for yourself



I stand up to volunteer myself.

I volunteer to be happy because i desereve it.

I volunteer to experience  what life has to offer.

I volunteer to see how beautiful the world is.

I volunteer to appreciate what God has given me.

I volunter to be strong even when everybody expects me to give up.

I volunteer to stand up for myself even when i am alone.

I volunteer to fight for my right.

I volunteer to love with all that i can but still have respect for myself.

I volunteer to try learning to forgive those who have hurt me even though they  are not sorry for it.

I volunteer to improve myself in any possible way that i can.

I volunteer to learn from my mistakes and learn from it.

I volunteer to work hard in making my dreams come true.

I volunteer to fail so i can reach success.

I volunteer to have faith and hope even when things seem impossible.

I volunteer to trust God in everything that i do because he is more powerful than any struggle or pain that life might throw at me.

I volunteer to love myself when nobody else can.

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Reasons why i volunteer


I volunteer because no one else wants to.No one wants to waste their time into something that does not concern them or affect them directly.Why put all the effort and time caring about other people when they do not care about you right? Life is just about “me” so i should focus only on “me”.And that is when we fail to see how big the world is. We fail to understand the purpose of life.We can only see ourselves.

I volunteer  because i care.I try not to care but it is hard. It’s hard to sleep well at night knowing someone needs your help.It’s hard not to care when you see others having a difficult time.I get palpitations when i see how someone tries so hard to be unfair to other people.

I volunteer because it makes me happy.It gives me a feeling of satisfaction. A sense of fulfillment knowing that you’ve helped other people.Happiness that cannot be bought.

I volunteer because my conscience tells me it is the right thing to do.That even if i try to ignore or forget about it, it will eventually haunt me with regrets.

I volunteer not just for myself but for others.

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Tell me it’s going to be okay

Tell me nothing will get in our way.

That i don’t need to worry about tomorrow.

I don’t need to feel the world’s sorrow.

Because whatever happens you will be there for me.

Tell me that i can fall asleep,

that i can close my eyes and still feel you,

see you and smell you.

Please help me forget

and just love without regret.


Tell me everything  will be okay.

That we are more than okay.

That we are better than just “good”

Because we know how to love.

We know what is love.


So just tell me how much you need me.

How much you miss me.

How much you mean to me.

How you always dream to be with me.


Love me.

Tell me.



The beauty of love

Love. So easy to say but difficult to prove and maintain.

The way we love depends on how we understand love itself. It depends on what we see around us,on how love was shown to us by the people around us.

We all love differently.For if we all loved thesame then there would be no break ups.There is no perfect formula on how to love.What works for me might not work for you right?

You have your own understanding of what love should be,and i have my own experiences and past that made me realize the beauty of love.

The way i see it,

People will always make mistakes.No matter how hard they try not to,people can still hurt you even if you give them your best.They may still hurt you even when they do not mean to hurt you.

And they may still hurt you even when you beg them not to.

That is where love comes in.If there is love,there is forgiveness.You should be ready to forgive when you love.
That is the beauty of love.

But one should always remember that we are only human beings..that because of too much pain and suffering we choose to end that love,not because we are not strong enough or that we are choosing the easy way out,but because love, is not just about being hurt it is also about happiness and having peace in your mind and heart.So we forgive but sometimes we cannot love that same person again or maybe we can but not now.Not until the pain is gone.

We should not only learn to love others but also to love ourselves.We deserve to be loved most importantly by ourselves.When we love ourselves we learn to value our worth.When we learn to love our imperfect self and our flaws,then can we love others without expecting them to be perfect.We can then love what is true.

Love hurts like hell,but it is beautiful more than anything else.

This is why…


The words i love you, i think is the most abused word by us human beings. Yes nobody is perfect but we tend to say things that we don’t really mean.Or  things that we thought were true only in our heads. We also say things that we can’t really fight for. We say it but we can’t prove it.

I love you. ah.. sweet words that can melt your heart. Words that can set fire to your sleeping heart. Three words that can also break someone’s heart.

Before, thinking about you made me smile no matter what the situation was. I didn’t care about what was happening in the real world. You just made everything so easy and blissful. You really were my everything; maybe that’s why i gave you my everything. I never got tired of looking at your eyes or talking to you for hours about anything under the sun.I could almost feel forever. I almost believed that you loved me.How stupid of me for a thousand times! Just because i believe in happy endings does not mean that i would have one. And that is what you have made me realize.

How do you know you love someone? How do you know that you love me? Is it only based on your feelings? Is it only about the way i make you feel?

For me..

It’s not just about what i feel, or how you make me feel.

I knew i loved you because i was willing to do anything for you.

I was ready to give up everything for you.

I wanted to tell everyone about you.And i did. I was proud of you.

I gave you my present and my future.But you did not want it.

You really hurt me so so much..and the funny thing is i am still hurting.

You were never really mine.Maybe you were ashamed of me or i did not fit your standards.

Whatever your reason is..It’s killing me.

Now, thinking about you makes my tears fall down as easy as your lies you told me.Thinking about you makes me want to give up on everything.You showed me just how unfair love can be.You proved me that some things are just not meant to be no matter how happy it made you feel.

I can’t explain why there is no forever.

I don’t need to.

I am already the living proof why it does not exist.

Worth the pain


It’s funny how pain is felt regardless of your age,race and status in life. 

Pain. All of us have experienced it one way or the other.Whether you are young or already old, pain has played or could still be playing a part in your life.You cannot completely ran away from it.You can try to pretend or do something to forget the pain but it will still find you. Believe  me it will find you.And when it does find you  should just smile at it.Try to accept it, because there is nothing more you can do but to feel it.

Some of us including me, are afraid to take chances. Especially if we are unsure of the outcome.We are not sure if that chance will not turn into another failure and cause us so much pain that it would make us hate life or regret taking that chance in the first place.Truth is  we are afraid to get hurt so we protect ourselves from everything. The wall that prevents us from seeing what is out there.It is not only the pain or failures that we desperately try  to hide away from; but also the beauty of life.The love and happiness that makes us strong;we also hide from it.

Honestly, i don’t like pain. And i will never enjoy it. Yes,they say that pain is what reminds you that you are still alive but so does love..right? Since i can’t totally remove pain while living this life, i would rather face it.Feel it.but not too much…i don’t want to live my life in constant pain.So maybe i’ll have a little bit of pain..maybe a teaspoon of it,a sprinkle of someone’s smile, a cup of love,and 1 litre of happiness cooked at the right temperature of contentment.

BE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS WORTH ALL THE PAIN.So that it will not be pain anymore, but just LOVE.

Would you dare?


 I dare you to love me.Love me with everything that you’ve got.To love me until it hurts.I  dare you to give me your whole heart.I dare you to love me like there’s no tomorrow.

I dare you to know the real me.Would you still adore me if you knew who i really was?  Would you still look at me the same way you looked at me the first time we’ve met. I dare you to see my flaws and still think that i am perfect for you.I dare you to see me.

I dare you to spend  your life with me knowing that i am not perfect and never will be. Can you be with me even if i don’t believe in forever? Will you stay even if  i might hurt you someday?I dare you to live your life loving me.

I dare you to make promises and make sure that you don’t break it.

I dare you to give me your time.

I dare you to cry for me.Fall for me. 

I dare you to feel me and still be with me.

I dare you to be with me everyday.

I dare you to be in love with me when i am selfish.

I dare you to still love when i can’t love you the way you love me. Love me when i can’t love myself.