The beauty of love

Love. So easy to say but difficult to prove and maintain.

The way we love depends on how we understand love itself. It depends on what we see around us,on how love was shown to us by the people around us.

We all love differently.For if we all loved thesame then there would be no break ups.There is no perfect formula on how to love.What works for me might not work for you right?

You have your own understanding of what love should be,and i have my own experiences and past that made me realize the beauty of love.

The way i see it,

People will always make mistakes.No matter how hard they try not to,people can still hurt you even if you give them your best.They may still hurt you even when they do not mean to hurt you.

And they may still hurt you even when you beg them not to.

That is where love comes in.If there is love,there is forgiveness.You should be ready to forgive when you love.
That is the beauty of love.

But one should always remember that we are only human beings..that because of too much pain and suffering we choose to end that love,not because we are not strong enough or that we are choosing the easy way out,but because love, is not just about being hurt it is also about happiness and having peace in your mind and heart.So we forgive but sometimes we cannot love that same person again or maybe we can but not now.Not until the pain is gone.

We should not only learn to love others but also to love ourselves.We deserve to be loved most importantly by ourselves.When we love ourselves we learn to value our worth.When we learn to love our imperfect self and our flaws,then can we love others without expecting them to be perfect.We can then love what is true.

Love hurts like hell,but it is beautiful more than anything else.


Life is what you make of it.



I am not going to say that life is easy or that life is complicated or difficult. Not everyone has the same kind of life. Some people have been living an easy breezy life.They have everything handed out to them without a sweat; not even an ounce of effort is needed. They are previleged in most aspect of their lives.Successful in almost anything that they do.

Unfortunately for some, life is a constant struggle. For them you have to work hard to get what you want. And sometimes they do not even get what they deserve.They work hard but it just goes unappreciated and unnoticed.

At an early age, i already knew that i had to work hard if i wanted something. I was raised to work for anything that i wanted.And as i grew up i kept that in mind. I needed to give my full effort even if i am not sure if i will succeed.

There were times that my life was easy.Everything that  i planned and wanted, happened. There are also times when i had done everything that i can but still ended up with nothing but  a broken heart and  a lost soul.Times when i felt  that there was nothing in the world for me.That nothing can make me happy anymore.Times when i lose my interest in everything; even in life.

Sometimes you think you have things figured out.Then you plan everything and work your ass off to get it.But it is still not enough. Then you give it another try;only to find out that you can never have it because it was never for you in the first place.So depressing right?What else can you do? Well you can either be mesirable your whole life or just move on and continue to live the life that you want.You can choose to continue going down or get the hell back up and live the life that makes you happy.Always choose what can make you really happy inside.

There will always be problems in this world.Problems existed in tha past, is existing in the present and will exist in the future. Everyone has problems.I have problems,my loved ones have problems, and friends have problems.So why kill yourself with all these problems.One problem ends but another one emerges.

The way i see it, we can make life simple.

Here are some steps to make life simple.

  1. If you see something as a problem, either you do something about that problem or you just ignore it. (And by the way, if you only keep on complaining about it but not doing anything.Please just shut up instead.) Face your problem or ignore your problem.
  2. If you want to achieve something, work hard for it.Fight for it even if you fail. But you have to learn how to move on also  if it is not for you.
  3. Enjoy the little things.
  4. When you are happy, then be happy.And if you are sad, then be sad. Why pretend? It is so tiring to pretend being happy when you are crying inside.No one should hide how he/she feels.
  5. Let love help you.Love can make life simple.

A simple life, that is what i want my life to be.

This is why you won’t give up.


Have you ever felt like everything that you’re doing is wrong? As if every move that you make is a formula for disaster. What are you doing wrong that people seem to see only your flaws? It’s like you’re the apple of their eyes but in a bad way. Why is it always you? You know for a fact that you are doing your best but it seems like other people could not see your hard work. Actually, they don’t see you working at all. You work your ass off but all they can see is your mistake. One stupid mistake and they think you are worthless. And so you lose that little hope that you’ve got since the first day that you started working. You thought you’d be able to adjust easily and learn everything that you needed as fast as possible. Unfortunately, everything has not been going well. As expected.

You become irritated and a bit anxious. You feel like they need to hear your side of the story. To explain everything that happened. And that what happened was not really a mistake but was just a mere victim of coincidence. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. How would you explain all of these to them? Even if you could, would they even believe you? They don’t even trust you. So what makes you think that they would believe each and every word that comes out of your mouth? Life’s a bitch sometimes. You play fair but life can change the rules anytime it wants.

Then you realize that you can’t give up. You are already on your lowest. The good thing also have nowhere else to go but “up”. Why give up if tomorrow you’ll be on top? Why not try again to be better if tomorrow you can be the best? Why not show each and every one of them that you are not what they think you are. Well what they think is not really important. But to see the look on their faces when they see how good and valuable you are? Now that is priceless.

Be confident but don’t be proud.Make mistakes but never stop learning. That is what matters.

It is not important if you’ve failed many times. The hell they care if you fail a hundred times! You should be happy because those hundred times of mistakes, shows how strong you are because YOU never gave up. You fought to learn from everything.

So don’t you dare give up! For tomorrow you will be better than yesterday.