Life is what you make of it.



I am not going to say that life is easy or that life is complicated or difficult. Not everyone has the same kind of life. Some people have been living an easy breezy life.They have everything handed out to them without a sweat; not even an ounce of effort is needed. They are previleged in most aspect of their lives.Successful in almost anything that they do.

Unfortunately for some, life is a constant struggle. For them you have to work hard to get what you want. And sometimes they do not even get what they deserve.They work hard but it just goes unappreciated and unnoticed.

At an early age, i already knew that i had to work hard if i wanted something. I was raised to work for anything that i wanted.And as i grew up i kept that in mind. I needed to give my full effort even if i am not sure if i will succeed.

There were times that my life was easy.Everything that  i planned and wanted, happened. There are also times when i had done everything that i can but still ended up with nothing but  a broken heart and  a lost soul.Times when i felt  that there was nothing in the world for me.That nothing can make me happy anymore.Times when i lose my interest in everything; even in life.

Sometimes you think you have things figured out.Then you plan everything and work your ass off to get it.But it is still not enough. Then you give it another try;only to find out that you can never have it because it was never for you in the first place.So depressing right?What else can you do? Well you can either be mesirable your whole life or just move on and continue to live the life that you want.You can choose to continue going down or get the hell back up and live the life that makes you happy.Always choose what can make you really happy inside.

There will always be problems in this world.Problems existed in tha past, is existing in the present and will exist in the future. Everyone has problems.I have problems,my loved ones have problems, and friends have problems.So why kill yourself with all these problems.One problem ends but another one emerges.

The way i see it, we can make life simple.

Here are some steps to make life simple.

  1. If you see something as a problem, either you do something about that problem or you just ignore it. (And by the way, if you only keep on complaining about it but not doing anything.Please just shut up instead.) Face your problem or ignore your problem.
  2. If you want to achieve something, work hard for it.Fight for it even if you fail. But you have to learn how to move on also  if it is not for you.
  3. Enjoy the little things.
  4. When you are happy, then be happy.And if you are sad, then be sad. Why pretend? It is so tiring to pretend being happy when you are crying inside.No one should hide how he/she feels.
  5. Let love help you.Love can make life simple.

A simple life, that is what i want my life to be.


Worth the pain


It’s funny how pain is felt regardless of your age,race and status in life. 

Pain. All of us have experienced it one way or the other.Whether you are young or already old, pain has played or could still be playing a part in your life.You cannot completely ran away from it.You can try to pretend or do something to forget the pain but it will still find you. Believe  me it will find you.And when it does find you  should just smile at it.Try to accept it, because there is nothing more you can do but to feel it.

Some of us including me, are afraid to take chances. Especially if we are unsure of the outcome.We are not sure if that chance will not turn into another failure and cause us so much pain that it would make us hate life or regret taking that chance in the first place.Truth is  we are afraid to get hurt so we protect ourselves from everything. The wall that prevents us from seeing what is out there.It is not only the pain or failures that we desperately try  to hide away from; but also the beauty of life.The love and happiness that makes us strong;we also hide from it.

Honestly, i don’t like pain. And i will never enjoy it. Yes,they say that pain is what reminds you that you are still alive but so does love..right? Since i can’t totally remove pain while living this life, i would rather face it.Feel it.but not too much…i don’t want to live my life in constant pain.So maybe i’ll have a little bit of pain..maybe a teaspoon of it,a sprinkle of someone’s smile, a cup of love,and 1 litre of happiness cooked at the right temperature of contentment.

BE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS WORTH ALL THE PAIN.So that it will not be pain anymore, but just LOVE.

Let me love you


Can you live a life without love just to avoid a broken heart?

What use is one’s life without love?

Are you willing to live your whole life with what if’s?

Don’t you want to feel how important you are to someone?

Would you rather give up the possibility that i could be the one who could make you happy for the rest of your life?

I am not asking you to love me.But i am asking you to let me love you. Let me show you what love is to me. I want you to feel the love that you deserve. Give me a chance to be with you for a lifetime. I may not be the most perfect person and might not even be the person that you’ve imagined to be with.But i know, deep in my heart and soul that you are the person that i want to give my heart to.

Your heart has been broken many times.And maybe it was given to the wrong person. So I get it that you are scared and I am scared too.Anyone who has loved so much knows how scary it is to try to fall in love again.My heart has been crushed too many times;i am surprised that i am still alive.Each time i get my heart broken i die inside.I feel like a part of me also died.I patiently wait for time to come and heal my bleeding heart. The good thing is it made me stronger.It made me learn how to love better than before. It taught me to hope and take a chance.I never let my fear of getting a broken heart stop me from loving again.Maybe i am just a hopeless romantic or just a fool who still believes that there is somebody out there for me. Either way, i am still going to love you.Please let me.

Let me love you with everything that i am.

Let me love you with the best that i can.

Let me make you happy.

Let me be your everything.

Let me be the one that you need.

There could be a hundred reasons for you not to fall in love, but if you give me a chance, I could be the reason for you to not to be afraid of love again.

Let me be the one to love you.