The beauty of love

Love. So easy to say but difficult to prove and maintain.

The way we love depends on how we understand love itself. It depends on what we see around us,on how love was shown to us by the people around us.

We all love differently.For if we all loved thesame then there would be no break ups.There is no perfect formula on how to love.What works for me might not work for you right?

You have your own understanding of what love should be,and i have my own experiences and past that made me realize the beauty of love.

The way i see it,

People will always make mistakes.No matter how hard they try not to,people can still hurt you even if you give them your best.They may still hurt you even when they do not mean to hurt you.

And they may still hurt you even when you beg them not to.

That is where love comes in.If there is love,there is forgiveness.You should be ready to forgive when you love.
That is the beauty of love.

But one should always remember that we are only human beings..that because of too much pain and suffering we choose to end that love,not because we are not strong enough or that we are choosing the easy way out,but because love, is not just about being hurt it is also about happiness and having peace in your mind and heart.So we forgive but sometimes we cannot love that same person again or maybe we can but not now.Not until the pain is gone.

We should not only learn to love others but also to love ourselves.We deserve to be loved most importantly by ourselves.When we love ourselves we learn to value our worth.When we learn to love our imperfect self and our flaws,then can we love others without expecting them to be perfect.We can then love what is true.

Love hurts like hell,but it is beautiful more than anything else.


My Someone


She was always full of hope about everything.She loved falling in love and the feeling of being loved. The heartbreaks never stopped her from trying to fall in love again.She knew that someday her true love will come.Her one true love will be the proof of all her beliefs about love.The “one”.And she will be forever happy in the arms of that person.Oh what a never ending bliss that would be.

She wanted to prove everyone wrong.True love exists and so does forever. It may take time..But she won’t give up.Time was never a problem. Everyday, she felt that she was one step closer to meeting her true love.It will happen. It has to. Or else what would be the meaning of her existence?

While patiently waiting for the ”one”, She met someone.. Someone was sweet and funny.She was so interested with someone.Someone was everything that she wanted.A dream come true she thought to herself. She.She started giving someone her time.And as time passed by she  also started giving away pieces of her heart. Day by day they talked. They shared memories.It was what made her day beautiful and exciting. It was what she looked forward to.That special conversation with someone.

Suddenly she noticed something different. Her heart was not the same anymore.It felt like it was not hers anymore.As she was talking to someone,she unconsciously gave away her whole heart.When she realized this, she began to feel scared. What if someone would not take care of her heart?What would happen to her heart then?She was so scared but she took the risk.There was nothing she could do.She wanted someone to have it.Someone should take care of it. She thought that her heart was enough to make someone stay for it was what she valued the most.

But you see…Someone was not yet ready.Someone was also scared.Scared that maybe she was not  the one.And someone was already holding another heart.Someone had to leave.

She was so sad that her tears would fall every time she thought of someone.She could not find her heart anymore.She left it with someone but someone could not be found.

This was not what she imagined her love story would  be. She was left there alone without her heart.Praying that someday, someone will be the one to give her,her heart back.