This is why…


The words i love you, i think is the most abused word by us human beings. Yes nobody is perfect but we tend to say things that we don’t really mean.Or ¬†things that we thought were true only in our heads. We also say things that we can’t really fight for. We say it but we can’t prove it.

I love you. ah.. sweet words that can melt your heart. Words that can set fire to your sleeping heart. Three words that can also break someone’s heart.

Before, thinking about you made me smile no matter what the situation was. I didn’t care about what was happening in the real world. You just made everything so easy and blissful. You really were my everything; maybe that’s why i gave you my everything. I never got tired of looking at your eyes or talking to you for hours about anything under the sun.I could almost feel forever. I almost believed that you loved me.How stupid of me for a thousand times! Just because i believe in happy endings does not mean that i would have one. And that is what you have made me realize.

How do you know you love someone? How do you know that you love me? Is it only based on your feelings? Is it only about the way i make you feel?

For me..

It’s not just about what i feel, or how you make me feel.

I knew i loved you because i was willing to do anything for you.

I was ready to give up everything for you.

I wanted to tell everyone about you.And i did. I was proud of you.

I gave you my present and my future.But you did not want it.

You really hurt me so so much..and the funny thing is i am still hurting.

You were never really mine.Maybe you were ashamed of me or i did not fit your standards.

Whatever your reason is..It’s killing me.

Now, thinking about you makes my tears fall down as easy as your lies you told me.Thinking about you makes me want to give up on everything.You showed me just how unfair love can be.You proved me that some things are just not meant to be no matter how happy it made you feel.

I can’t explain why there is no forever.

I don’t need to.

I am already the living proof why it does not exist.