Would you dare?


 I dare you to love me.Love me with everything that you’ve got.To love me until it hurts.I  dare you to give me your whole heart.I dare you to love me like there’s no tomorrow.

I dare you to know the real me.Would you still adore me if you knew who i really was?  Would you still look at me the same way you looked at me the first time we’ve met. I dare you to see my flaws and still think that i am perfect for you.I dare you to see me.

I dare you to spend  your life with me knowing that i am not perfect and never will be. Can you be with me even if i don’t believe in forever? Will you stay even if  i might hurt you someday?I dare you to live your life loving me.

I dare you to make promises and make sure that you don’t break it.

I dare you to give me your time.

I dare you to cry for me.Fall for me. 

I dare you to feel me and still be with me.

I dare you to be with me everyday.

I dare you to be in love with me when i am selfish.

I dare you to still love when i can’t love you the way you love me. Love me when i can’t love myself.