Open wound

I woke up today with hope. I hoped to not feel the pain anymore.The pain of both missing and losing you.I felt my heartbeat. With each heartbeat i can feel the agony resonating all over my body. It is like a wound that stings when i try to wash it with alcohol.How i wish i have alcohol now.I don’t know that to do with this soreness.It is do difficult to live with.


When will this misery leave me?It has finally found someone to torture. It used my weakness against me. I did not see it coming. Was i too blind with my happiness or  maybe i thought i was strong enough to face any war. You can’t blame me for thinking i was strong;i thought i had you by my side.How foolish of me to think that i was invincible.No one is insusceptible with this malady.

How could something so beautiful be used to torment me? What once gave me euphoria is now causing me little deaths by each passing day.I don’t know how longer i can take this. Nothing seem to heal this cut. An open wound that does not heal no matter what you do.Some may think that i am not mending.That the throbbing pain is still there because i chose to let it stay there.They are wrong.They don’t know know how many times i try to stitch this wound.The more i touch it the more it gets irritated. They think they know the pain;my pain.No one does.

Everyone loves differently, so i believe that my pain is not the same as the pain that you might have felt before.You can’t fully experience my ache because you are not me.

It will heal by itself.I know this.

I need to endure it for now.