Not just friends…But a Family.


We all have families. It maybe by blood or  even with those people who are always by our side.They are the ones who are always there for you not just when you are happy and everything is going well;but they are also the ones who stay with you through thick and thin.They never make you feel alone.They trust you and you trust them. And in case you do feel alone,they are more than willing to slap you in the face just so you’d feel their presence in your life. LOL..

Today was the only time that i got to spend some time with them. They are a unique kind of family.Just by sitting there, I saw how happy they were with each other.They support  and understand each other. Their memories and laughter could never be bought.I saw not only their unity but also their truthfulness.There was no need pretending to be somebody else when you are with them.They don’t look at you because of your past or what you have, they see you for who you really are.

 I bet that they never imagined that they would have a second family here in Saudi Arabia. Who would have known that these strangers would in the future become a  family. A family that supports you and loves you for who you are.No pretensions, no hidden agendas. They are not kind because they need anything from you, that’s not it. That is not them. They are the kind of family that welcomes anyone with kindness.What they have is what other people only dream of.

They symbolize what a family should be; full of love and acceptance.

So if you’ve got someone like them,You are one of the lucky ones.