How to go to DFA BACOLOD from ILOILO city 2017

This blog is for those who cannot get an online appointment in the dfa website. When I checked online, all dates for this month are already full and possibly the next month also.So if you are in a hurry then my advice to you would be to go to  DFA BACOLOD.

from Iloilo City take a taxi ride (we wanted to save money so we rode a jeepney, but ended up spending more and also the pedicab driver will charge you 20 pesos each) going to Domestic Port area,  ILOILO River Wharf.So just take a taxi if you do not know how to go there exactly.

When you arrive at the terminal choose which fastcraft you want to take you to bacolod. Here are some choices:

You should arrive at DFA BACOLOD early which means that you need to book a ferry ticket that travels to bacolod at an early time.Travel time is only 1 hour.

After paying for your ticket,you also need to pay for the Environmental fee which is 30 pesos.And you need to pay this 10-15 minutes before you travel.

If you want to save money you can also buy a 2 way ticket.The dfa processing will only take a few hours if you are early.Half a day is enough.But if you come late then you would probably be spending the whole day there since they will first cater those who have an online appointment.

We chose ocean jet because we wanted to leave early.It costs 150 for open air and 200 for seats with air conditioning.But the open air was a great experience.We saw a beautiful view going to bacolod and of course fresh air!.


While waiting for your ferry, you can enjoy the amenities inside the terminal

They have a clean CR.

A charging area

Some massage chairs

A play den for children


And now it is time to board the ferry. Yehey!

Arriving at bacolod, there are jeepneys there that can take you to Rorbinsons where the Dfa is located.They charge 20 pesos each for that.It will take about 10 minutes to get there.Or you can also ride a taxi if you want to.



DFA bacolod is located at the 3rd floor of Robinsons.

They accepted my application for replacement of lost passport but i have to wait for 15 days clearing period.After 15 days I have to back to bacolod, give my supporting documents and pay for  the charges.

I finished my application after a few hours then decided to go back to the terminal.We took a taxi from robinsons to the terminal for 90 pesos.

Since there are no more open air seats available we paid 245 for air con seats.

That’s it!. I hope this will help you save time and money in applying for your passport as a walk-in applicant in Bacolod.


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