Volunteer for yourself



I stand up to volunteer myself.

I volunteer to be happy because i desereve it.

I volunteer to experience  what life has to offer.

I volunteer to see how beautiful the world is.

I volunteer to appreciate what God has given me.

I volunter to be strong even when everybody expects me to give up.

I volunteer to stand up for myself even when i am alone.

I volunteer to fight for my right.

I volunteer to love with all that i can but still have respect for myself.

I volunteer to try learning to forgive those who have hurt me even though they  are not sorry for it.

I volunteer to improve myself in any possible way that i can.

I volunteer to learn from my mistakes and learn from it.

I volunteer to work hard in making my dreams come true.

I volunteer to fail so i can reach success.

I volunteer to have faith and hope even when things seem impossible.

I volunteer to trust God in everything that i do because he is more powerful than any struggle or pain that life might throw at me.

I volunteer to love myself when nobody else can.

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer


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