Reasons why i volunteer


I volunteer because no one else wants to.No one wants to waste their time into something that does not concern them or affect them directly.Why put all the effort and time caring about other people when they do not care about you right? Life is just about “me” so i should focus only on “me”.And that is when we fail to see how big the world is. We fail to understand the purpose of life.We can only see ourselves.

I volunteer ¬†because i care.I try not to care but it is hard. It’s hard to sleep well at night knowing someone needs your help.It’s hard not to care when you see others having a difficult time.I get palpitations when i see how someone tries so hard to be unfair to other people.

I volunteer because it makes me happy.It gives me a feeling of satisfaction. A sense of fulfillment knowing that you’ve helped other people.Happiness that cannot be bought.

I volunteer because my conscience tells me it is the right thing to do.That even if i try to ignore or forget about it, it will eventually haunt me with regrets.

I volunteer not just for myself but for others.

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer


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