How do you forgive anyone?

How do you forgive someone who does not even say sorry?

How do you forgive someone who doesn’t want to be forgiven, for in his mind he is right.

To forgive someone who believes that he did not do anything wrong?

How do you fogive and not feel hurt?

Maybe i do not know how to forgive.

Maybe i only know how to forget.

How many times should you forgive and feel betrayed over and over again?

How many times will you be fooled until you’ve had enough?

Tell me, when can i stop forgiving?

Who can i continue forgiving?

Is life all about forgiveness?

Am i wise if i always forgive?

Tg to  be fooled again?

How do i trust again after forgiving the one who keeps on hurting me?

If only forgiveness is as easy as hurting someone then everythign would be okay.

But it is not easy.It is more complicated than i thought.

It needs time.

It needs patience and trust.

It needs unconditional love.

It needs you to give yourself fully in order for it to be genuine.

Forgiveness is to give.To give yourself and trust again.

I do not know when or how i can give it to you.

But i will try.

To forgive and be forgiven.


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