To be kind

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How much kindness can i give?

I have been giving a lot, but it is not enough.

Am i being selfish?

To be kind is a sacrifice.

I give up my own feelings for the sake of others.

I give up my rights for the sake of kindndess.

How long can i be kind when all they give is pain?

When all i feel is the hurt they’ve caused me.

When all i see is injustice around me,

Is it unfair to ask for kindness in return?

Now i have regrets.

Regrets because of kindness.

I cannot even pretend to smile anymore.

I cannot pretend much longer.

Teach me how to be kind without the pain.

Teach me to see the good in everyone.

To heal the wound  caused by kindness.

And i hope that one day…


I can give the kindness that i used to give.


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