April 1, 2016




I have decided to start writing again. Write about my thoughts,feelings and people around me who constantly test my patience. People who motivate me in practicing my creative thinking on how to kill them in my mind.Well maybe not kill them…i am not a murderer..yet. Maybe just make them suffer a little bit.There are people who were born to make you question what is right and wrong.


Anyway,my life has been so stressful these couple of months and i have been having an awful lot of headaches. I think it’s because i think a lot; a side effect of caring too much, i think..hmm(see i am thinking again…haha) Sometimes i prefer not to talk since i already have a lot going on in my mind.Oh how do i stop this?

So i am really hoping that writing again can help calm me down.You know, organize my thoughts.Prevent myself from doing something that i might regret afterwards.haha..

Goodluck to me and to the people that i am going to write about.So just continue to piss me off and you could be lucky one chosen as my next topic.

See you soon 🙂


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