Notice before it’s too late


People only start to see you when you don’t want to be seen.

They talk to you when you are still talking.

They listen to you when you have nothing to say.

They look for you when you are not there anymore.

They value you when you are already gone.

They only start to love you when you can’t love them.

They remember you when you have already forgotten them.

They only notice you when put your mask on.

They need you when you don’t need them.

They want to be with you just when you wanted to be alone.

They don’t have time for you but you gave them all your time.

They don’t  understand you and yet you’ve tried so hard to understand them.

They wan’t you to stay but they always make you feel alone.

They hurt you but you still love them even when the pain is already too much.

Until one day they  realize that  it is already too late.

Too late for her.