I am your nothing


I am sorry because you have mistaken me for someone i am not.

I am not your everything.

I am not the love of your life.

I am not your happiness.

I am not enough.

but i know…

I am your secret.

I am your lie.

I am the one thing that you are too scared to have in your life.

I am someone that you need to forget.

I am your nothing.

There is no need to  comfort me with your sweet words. It will just cause me more pain.You don’t need to explain. I know everything, well maybe not everything but enough to wake me up. All this time i have been dreaming.Dreaming that at last someone truly loves me the way i want to be loved. I thought i was finally one of the lucky ones. It felt good. It felt almost perfect.

I thought you were the one. The person who would change the way i look at life, at love.  You made me feel happy for a while.I have to thank you for that. In this life we have to appreciate the small things.So even  though we did not have the chance for your forever, or my lifetime, i am still thankful for the memories.

Thank you.


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