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Don’t tell me you love me when you really don’t.

Don’t tell me you’ve given me your heart when you can’t.

Don’t tell me that your life belongs to me when you can’t even stand up for me.

Don’t tel me that you want me to be happy when all you’ve done is lie to me.

You don’t know how much pain you are causing me right now.

I am dying again.

Don’t tell me that you are mine when you belong to someone else.

Don’t think about me when you are also thinking about someone else.

Don’t tell me that i am your life when you can’t even prove it to yourself.

Words will only be words.

But your words are the most painful  words that i have ever felt.

I believed you and so this is my fault.

I loved you and now i am crying inside.

I chose to give you my everything and now nothing is left but just pain.

You are just like one of them.You are them.

But don’t tell me again that you love me, because even you know that i am nothing to you.


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