There are people who are too blind to see what they already have. Too blind to see how lucky they are. So they go on searching endlessly for what they thought they needed.They complain everyday of how unfortunate they are for not having the things that they wanted.When all this time..the only thing that they needed was right in front of them.They just failed to see it.Or maybe they did see it but they failed to know it’s value.Most of the time we only know the value of something when it’s already gone.

There are people who listen to you but are really deaf.They can hear the words you speak but could not understand you at all.Many of us hear only what we want to hear. It is not that we cannot hear, but it’s just that we don’t want to hear it.Listening is easy yet we fail to do it. We want people to listen to us but we don’t want to listen to other people.

There are people who know how to speak but don’t speak at all.Afraid and tired that others might not understand what he/she is trying to say; too scared to be judged. Instead they keep it inside their mind forever. But there are people who talk and talk but nothing useful comes out of their mouth.People who talk without thinking. The ones who have nothing to say but only meaningless words that only contributes to the garbage that keeps on piling up. And no one dares to throw this garbage because they think that they might need it someday.

And finally, the day comes when all of us become totally blind,deaf and mute.

That will be the day we realize what we had but failed to appreciate it.


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