This one’s for you

 This is for what we had before and for everything that made us happy.


When i first saw you,i thought to myself..hmmm she does not look the same in her profile picture. But i still wanted to know you better.And so i did.

You were confident and i felt it. Actually it made me feel  uncomfortable.I usually have this space between me and another person but you immediately destroyed it. haha.. that’s how confident you were.We haven’t even talked yet in person, and you were already so close to me. When you held my hand, i felt my heart beat very fast as if i was running for my life.You surprised me.Anyway, i enjoyed that day and i wanted to spend more time with you.

After that day, i constantly kept on bothering you. I kept on asking you out almost everyday.I wanted to see you.It’s like you put some sort of spell on me;i could not help myself from not seeing you.I was so eager to be with you.I wanted to love you.And so i did.

I loved you before you have even started to love me.It was not an easy road convincing you that what i was feeling for you is true. It’s like i was constantly begging you to love me.How pathetic right? I did not give up no matter how many times i thought that it was going nowhere. I did not care how stupid i looked.All i knew was that i will do my best as long  as i have feelings for you.I needed to prove to you that  i really loved you. And so i did.

I gave you my time, my love and the truth.

Time because i did not have enough time to do all the things that i wanted to do while also wanting to be with you. I had to choose between you and everything that i planned to do.I was scared but i chose you.I gave you my 24/7.  🙂

Love…ah love… something that i  kept on giving you.You wouldn’t accept it at first but eventually you did. In the past, i also gave it to other people.The difference is you were the first one who had difficulty accepting it.It hurt me before but it did not stop me from not giving it you.Now i feel so childish thinking about what i did. I  am sorry for forcing you to love me. I was pressuring you to accept my love.

The truth. I think that this was your favorite gift from me. No one in my family or my close friends knew the truth.The truth about me.About us. It was my first time to tell them and you were there. I did it for you. I thought i was going to die.It was a difficult thing for me to do.You were happy  and that was all that mattered to me.

I hope i made you feel loved when we were together.You wanted someone who would make you believe in forever.And i am so sorry for not being that person.

But i am the person who wants you to be happy.Who believes that someday you will have your forever.


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