The right time


I don’t want to wait for the “right time” to come. Time is always there but it can never be undone.Once it has passed, it’s already lost. I can never go back in time and meet you again for the very first time. Nor can i stop time just to spend a thousand more hours with you. I can wish to all the stars in the sky or pray to God to send me to the past but it would be useless. And that is why time is very important to me.

I don’t want to wait for the time to come where you have lost your love for me before i realize that you are the love of my life. It would kill me. Living a life with regrets is not what i want, it never will. I’ll risk breaking the wall that i have built for a long time;just to show you the real me. The person who is and will never be perfect but will everything to make you happy.The person who loves everything about you.  The one who may hate you sometimes but will still love you for who you are.

I don’t want time to surprise me one day,with you walking out the door and leaving everything that we have behind.You can’t just leave without fighting for love.Thinking about it is already too painful to bear.Having you in my life is a miracle and blessing.So i don’t want to waste it just because i thought it was not yet time to show you how much you mean to me. I can’t let time trick me in to thinking that i still have tomorrow to love you so i’ll just sit back and relax.It’s crazy.

I can’t go back to the past and i don’t want to.

The present is where i want to be.Why? Because it is where you are.

I have time now.And i want to spend whatever time i have with you.

Time reminds me to love you everyday. It reminds me to love you even when i feel unsure sometimes. It tells me to think of you always and not to forget you. Time is both my enemy and my friend. I want it but i also hate it. I want more time with you but i hate the thought that time might take you away from me.

Now is my time to love you. To show you. To prove to you that my heart belongs to you. This is the time that i am going to love you with the best that i can.

Everyday is going to be the right time to love you.



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