How i feel about you


 Your eyes.They are so beautiful.

Your smile. It’s contagious.Mesmerizing.

Your voice.  It melts my heart.

You make me smile just by thinking about you. How do you do that?

I can only imagine what it would feel like to be beside you. To really feel you.

To touch and hug you.

To feel your lips.

To touch your face.

To smell you.

i want to feel you in every possible way.

For once, after  a very long time my heart and my mind agrees with me.

It needs you.

It wants you.

It loves you.

You are both my happiness and my sadness.

Not being with you crushes my heart. I feel so helpless to be this far away from you.

But you are also my happiness for because of you i can see why life is beautiful. 

And this is how you make me feel.


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