Have you ever


Have you ever missed someone so much even though you haven’t met yet?Have you ever tried to stop thinking about someone but you couldn’t?No matter how hard you tried?Have you ever wanted to kiss someone so badly? As if you can almost feel it..Then it suddenly disappears.Have you tried wishing someone was there beside you..to just sit there with you?So that you don’t feel alone.

Have you ever smiled just thinking about that special someone?

Have you ever thought that you could never love someone so much again..because your heart was shattered a long time ago.Have you ever felt like you could only be truly happy if you were with that someone.And that no one could ever take someone’s place in your heart.That no matter what you do or how hard you deny it…You know that you already love someone more than anything or anyone else.       Have you ever tried to forget someone who means the whole world to you?Have you ever believed that someone out there was meant to love you the way you wanted to be loved?

Have you ever tried sleeping and waking up thinking about that same someone? Every time you do, it makes you blush.Have you ever felt the love of someone who is a thousand miles away from you?Have you ever laid on the arms of the one you love and felt safe and contented?Have you ever imagined being with someone for the rest of your life?Have you ever loved with all your heart and instantly realize that you finally found the one that you were looking for.

Have you ever looked at someone’s eyes, and felt their soul touch your heart.

I have. And i always will.


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