Love me now..


I have been hurt many times by people i loved and by the one that i love. You.. My heart crushed over and over again, as if i have not learned anything.I have cried myself to sleep a thousand times. Waking up with the pain reminding me that i lost you. I tried to drink because i thought it could make me forget you, but all i could think about was our memories together. I tried talking to other people thinking it would help me not think about you.I was so desperate to forget you. I kept myself busy at work.I made sure that i was tired before i went home.Yes i tried all of these, but you are still in my head.

One look at your picture,

One message from you,

One memory from you,

and i feel everything.

i feel you.

I don’t know what you did to me or how you did it. All i know is i can’t feel anything else but the feeling that you made me feel being with you.

The warmth

The happiness

The love

and also the Pain.

Please save me before it’s too late.

I love you so much.More than anything else.

But i am not sure if i’d still love you tomorrow.


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