When you love


Love makes us do things that we normally don’t do. Unconsciously it changes u. One day you’ll realize that you are not totally the same person that you were before you met the person that you love.Now, you are more forgiving and patient. You have to be, for your relationship to last. You learn to understand and accept her flaws.All of these are okay because you love her.

You don’t like waiting, but you still wait anyway. You wait for her to go home. You wait for the message that never came.They always say that if you love someone you must be willing to wait.It could be months,days, years or even eternity.And everyday you tell yourself not to lose hope. All you do is wait. Wait for her to love you.

Loving someone means forgiving almost everything. Forgiving her for hurting you, for letting you feel so much pain that you don;t know what to do anymore.You know that if you don’t forgive her you will lose her.And that is when you try to love her unconditionally. No matter what she does, in the end you’ll still love her.

When you love someone, you do your best to make her happy. Seeing her happy makes you more happy. It’s like your main purpose in life is to make her happy.Sometimes her happiness is the one thing that is causing you pain. Her happiness is your sadness.But since you love her, you’ll give her the happiness that she wants..and that is her Freedom.

So be ready to get hurt, to forgive, to wait and let go..when you love someone.


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