Let me love you


Can you live a life without love just to avoid a broken heart?

What use is one’s life without love?

Are you willing to live your whole life with what if’s?

Don’t you want to feel how important you are to someone?

Would you rather give up the possibility that i could be the one who could make you happy for the rest of your life?

I am not asking you to love me.But i am asking you to let me love you. Let me show you what love is to me. I want you to feel the love that you deserve. Give me a chance to be with you for a lifetime. I may not be the most perfect person and might not even be the person that you’ve imagined to be with.But i know, deep in my heart and soul that you are the person that i want to give my heart to.

Your heart has been broken many times.And maybe it was given to the wrong person. So I get it that you are scared and I am scared too.Anyone who has loved so much knows how scary it is to try to fall in love again.My heart has been crushed too many times;i am surprised that i am still alive.Each time i get my heart broken i die inside.I feel like a part of me also died.I patiently wait for time to come and heal my bleeding heart. The good thing is it made me stronger.It made me learn how to love better than before. It taught me to hope and take a chance.I never let my fear of getting a broken heart stop me from loving again.Maybe i am just a hopeless romantic or just a fool who still believes that there is somebody out there for me. Either way, i am still going to love you.Please let me.

Let me love you with everything that i am.

Let me love you with the best that i can.

Let me make you happy.

Let me be your everything.

Let me be the one that you need.

There could be a hundred reasons for you not to fall in love, but if you give me a chance, I could be the reason for you to not to be afraid of love again.

Let me be the one to love you.


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