The problem with Love.


 I am happy every time i fall in-love.Who doesn’t? That feeling where i am are so inspired and excited that i feel like i can do anything in this world. My everyday routine which bored me to death is now something that does not seem to bother me at all. I am now focused on something else..Love. or shall we say Falling in love.The mystery and excitement keeps me up all night.My priority has once again changed.Love is what matters now and i can’t wait as to what tomorrow might bring. And for  awhile i thought that this would last forever..although i believe that forever does not exist…or maybe i have just not experienced it yet.

The problem with love makes you feel good and so happy at the beginning. But just when you have already gotten used to that feeling;life happens. It smacks you in the face with reality. wake up! You naive little girl.It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There you are so in love and full of hope.Proud that you are one of the lucky ones to have experienced this common yet unique feeling.Then one day you realize that love was just passing by.And now you have to say goodbye.

Love is not enough to make someone love you back also. It is not enough to make someone stay. It will not even guarantee to make the other person happy.But why do we still take risks just to feel this feeling?Is it really worth the pain?Will it even make you a better person after being hurt?Personally, i don’t know what to do.They say that people eventually learn from their mistakes. I guess i am not learning, i do the same stupid thing again and again when it comes to love. It’s like  taking an exam which you thought you are already prepared for; but ending up with a mental block out.What the hell happened?

Isn’t love supposed to be simple and easy? Why can’t it just be a fairy tale where everyone gets a happy ending.Why does life have to wake you up from a very good dream..?So that’s the problem with is just a temporary bliss..after that is a never-ending war which will only end if you stop loving.


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