Life as planned.

carpe diem

It has been 8 months since i went back to Philippines.And in all those months i have not written anything on my blog.Why did i become so lazy?So, now i have decided to blog again about anything under the sun.I hope that this time my laziness won’t start again.I feel like i have so many things to write about but i don’t know where to start.Should i talk about the changes in my life and things that i did since i came back or do i talk about living life without a job?haha..This is a difficult decision.Or i could write about both,but i would have to choose which one i should write about first.

When i arrived in Iloilo city 8 months ago, i had everything planned out.Or so i thought. I was going to spend time with my family, go out and party with friends for 1 month,then apply to another country to work.But things changed.My aunt from Italy became very sick so i had to take care of her, my ex took every bit of feelings that i had for her and decided to work abroad without me, My aunts were busy making me feel miserable; my other aunt was busy pressuring me to live the life that she wanted for me. So yes, i have been busy trying not to lose my mind. LOL .. Fortunately i am still normal.. i think. Good thing i do not have a job. It would just add up to my stress.

Instead of just staying for 1 month, i ended up staying for 8 months and counting.But i am thankful for this very long vacation; i have decided to make it worthwhile. I have realized that it’s up to me to make my days count.And that maybe i am given this very long vacation because i have not enjoyed it as i was supposed to.Thank you God. Since i am given this chance, I will do my best to fully enjoy the days or weeks that i have left before i leave Philippines again. : )

It’s time to CARPE DIEM.