This wheelchair is a symbol of disability.And this is what it feels like while working  in Saudi Arabia. The feeling of being helpless and dependent.To be pushed around by people  because you won’t get what you need not unless you allow them to control you.You can’t even fight back or fight for your right because you know that you will end up being the bad guy.
        The only thing that you can do is  to be patient,knowing that someday you will have the strength to get out of that wheelchair and chase your dreams. The hope for a better tommorrow keeps you going.No matter how people treat you bad,you stay silent.
         Working in a foreign land, you will experience life in a different way.Dealing with people at work and accommodation everyday.And you can’t go outside and take a deep breathe to calm yourself down or go somewhere else to relax.No.Here in Saudi,there are only 2 places you can go;work and your accommodation.No families and friends to comfort you.Anyone who needs to survive needs to toughen up and learn how to be independent.
          For now, you have to do everything as they say.And when you have already saved enough strength, use it well to never to be on a wheelchair again.
            Hopefully, everything that is happening will help you become strong.And that time will come when you dont need to be  on a wheelchair anymore because you can walk by yourself.


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