To being considerate



               Working in a foreign place is difficult.Imagine living with people who make it more difficult for you. Everyday, i go to work and go home very tired.I expect to rest and have a good night sleep,in preparation for another tiring day at work the next day.Unfortunately, you wont be able to do that since someone is still talking to someone on her phone.And eventhough i don’t care whom she’s talking to;i cant do anything to stop hearing her voice and going inside my very tired head.
           We human beings are capable of considering other people’s feelings.That is why we think first before doing what we want or need  to do.The problem is,as human being we also tend to take advantage of people who are kind to us or people whom we are comfortable with.We do anything we want without taking to consideration if we are already disturbing other people.
         There are many situations where we are the ones abusing or being abused because we become too comfortable with each other. Situations where your roommate would play loud music or talk on skype even though you are already in bed doing your best to fall asleep as early as you can. Calling someone and talking to them for a long time eventhough  the lights are already turned off meaning that the other  going to sleep.
           I am not saying that no one is allowed to make any noise inside the room.What i mean is that there should be a time as to which a person can make as much noise as she wants;and a time to be quiet also.There should be a time for everything. I don’t know about you but after a hard days’ work, i want to be able to go to a place where i can rest and be at peace.    
          I don’t know how long i can take this.But i am praying so hard to give as much understanding as i can.If i explode,then im sorry.
         How i wish i had my own room.
          Oh inner peace,please help me.


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