How to minimize being homesick in k.s.a


       Homesick.I never thought i would ever feel this. After all my mind was all set to my goal. Save money and go back to Philippines.Making friends was not even on my mind. I was sure of what i had to do.
         For one month i did not feel that i missed Philippines or my family and friends.I put in my mind that 2 years will be fast.That before i know it my contract is already finished. I was confident and proud that i did not feel bwing homesick. I thought that i was the exception to the rule.
          It was already 3 months and  i was still  doing fine. Then, it turns out i was wrong. Homesickness came knocking at my door after 3 months.I did not even need to open the door it had its own key.I could not stop it.  I suddenly missed everything in the Philippines..My family,friends,food,beach,malls..the freedom to go anywhere you want.EVERYTHING. I was so depressed that i asked my employer if i can go home.
          So, i had to find ways to keep myself busy and minimize being homesick. Here are the ways:
         1. Download a lot of movies and tv series. (You will be provided with  a tv but the shows are just thesame better have your own laptop loaded with movies and games)
          2. Bring books.(bring your favorite books or books you want to read because it is difficult to buy english books here)
           3. Subscribe to a wifi connection.(talking with family and friends through skype or facebook helps a can also be updated with the latest news in your country)
            4. Learn a new hobby. (Before i did not know how to cook or i can do both.since you are only allowed to go out every 2 weeks if you are lucky,you have a lot of free time to Bake and Cook all you want.)
             5. Make friends.But choose wisely.It’s better to have only one but true friend.
             6. Enjoy what your job.You have no choice.
              7. Listen to music to calm you down.
               8. Always pray.(here in saudi arabia its either you become the monster that you hate or you become a better and stronger person)



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