Laser Nurse (what it’s like to have this job in k.s.a.)


   I would like to introduce the “GENTLE LASE PRO” .  This is a laser machine used to remove hair.And this is my job.For 2 years i have been removing hair of the patients in Cosmoline clinic here in Saudi Arabia.
    I was first assigned to Dermatology dept. But then i  was transferred here to do laser.
Since the first day i started with this job until now, i can say that stress was always there to welcome me.Although the level of stress is not thesame like before, stress was never absent  in this kind of job.Anyone who has this job is not allowed to get sick because no one will replace you and it would mean a loss of money to the company.
    Laser hair removal is very in demand here in Saudi Arabia.It’s a profitable business.
      As a laser nurse the only benefit that i get from this job is the incentive which i must say is not that high;since it depends on how many patients i’ve done in one day.
        Now why am i stressed everyday when i am receiving extra money every month?
         First,the patients.Patients who dont shave.which means you will do the shaving for their whole freakin body by yourself and you will finish late from work.After doing that,all their hair stick to your white uniform.There are also those who ask for too much discount and those who do laser for free,meaning you will not get any incentive.You are working hard for nothing.Another kind of patients who always complain that laser is not good or the nurse is not good but still,they keep on coming back.Patients who do not come regularly and so their hair is still thesame as before.They complain you to the doctor and the doctor gets angry at you.
         Second, the possibility of burning your patients.This is very common especially if it is your first time to do laser.Imagine  accidentally burning a patient who is kind to you and is getting married?Her family will be angry,her fiance,the doctor will think you are not good.
       Third,the patient’s apointment. The receptionists would most of the time give you only 1 hour to do full body laset to 1 patient.Sometimes they would make an appointment for the patient 30 minutes before you go home.If one is in laser,expect to be late im going home.They would also force you to do laser for a patient who has no appointment even if your work time is already finished.why?because it’s money.They dont care if you are hungry or tired for working for 10 hours already. I sometimes feel like i am a slave.
        Fourth,salary and incentive.Since the salary is not good, all the nurses want to have a high incentive.To do this,we must have a lot of patients who should do full body session for laser.The problem is if the patients that you are receiving are only retouch.Retouch is done after we do a session to a is usually after 10 days.So its free.How would the other nurse feel if she is has only been doing retouch the whole day while the other one is doing a session which is paid and has an incentive?ofcourse that nurse will be angry.All the nurses are working hard but at the end of the month,the nurse who has done a lot of paid sessions is the one who will get a good incentive.Now that is unfair.
      Fifth,time limit.You are only allowed to do laser at an allotted time.Any nurse is not allowed to be late no matter what the corcumstance is.Nurses usually have to give quality servive to patients or to do a shitty job and finish early so that there would be no problems with the receptionists outside who is also angry because you are late and the other one banging at your door to finish tha patient immediately.
       This job has really tested my patience and faith.




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