Why i am doing laser.

     This is my job.I remove hair.I ended up with this job when our employer who was also a dermatologist  and our medical director was a dentist,  made me choose which area i want to work.
     I admit my method of choosing was stupid.These 2 men were looking at me waiting for me to make a choice.Our employer looked at me smiling..he looked kind and welcoming.on the otherhand our medical director gave me a look that was very serious.He looked scary; he made me feel that if i make one mistake from work he is gping to end my life.Although i did not want to offend any of them, i had to make a choice.
     I chose my employer.So i was assigned in dermatology.But the problem is i was only assigned there for a few months.I was then sent to laser. On that day forward stress and problems came running toward me everyday.Every night before i sleep i cant help but think who i burned today and pray that they wont complain about my work.
       For 2 years that i did laser i learned a lot of thingd but in those 2 years everyday i also prayed that i was in a different department.Other nurses dont need to thin kabout the outcome of their work because they are only assisting the doctor.But in laser you are the one assisting yourself and making sure that you will give the patient very good result.
          I am relieved that my contract in laser ended.I am ready to try something new again and to choose more wisely.Never judge a book by its cover.


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