Pinoy worker raped, beaten up in Saudi desert | ABS-CBN News

Pinoy worker raped, beaten up in Saudi desert | ABS-CBN News.


Every employer who hires a filipino worker is very lucky. Not only do they give a small salary to us compared to other nationalities but i am sure they know how hard working filipinos are.

They let us work 10-12 hours  day and sometimes more.We don’t complain.we perform our jobs well,and yet the employers play blind.I laugh everytime in my mind when i am asked why i will not renew my contract.i mea really?you want me stay in this hell place?

Yes,they might say that they appre iate your work.But they will not show it.  Life already is unfair.but they make it more unfair to filipinos. We dont deserve this and you dont deserve us.

Today when i saw this article ablout a guy being beat up and raped by a police officer, it tore my heart. How could they do this to someone?No one deserved to be treated like that.

A few days ago i also saw on the news about an overseas filipino worker who was severely burned.Her employer threw boiling hot water on her.

How could someone who prays several times a day and consider themselves to be very religious be so cruel to another human being?who has the right to hurt another person just because they dont have thesame religon as theirs?

This man deserves Justice. And to those people who did this to him, may your God forgive and help you.


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