My ass and Racism

    Last friday  we went out to buy food that we needed for 2 weeks.The place is about 20 minutes from our house.we were so excited to go out even for just 3 hours.It’sfreedom here.     One of the reasons why i was excited was because i’d finally get my new watch adjusted and my broken facial steam fixed.
    Friday is market day for everyone.So as predicted, there was a lot of people and mostly men.We got out of the car and went our separate ways.We usually buy food by pairs so as not to get lost or kidnapped. Im not saying that it’s very commom to be kidnapped here but it’s just  a precaution;meaning there is a possibility to be kidnapped.
        On our way to the repairshop for watches.Actually it was just a small stall.there was a man sitting on  a chair repairing watches.the space where he is doing his work  did not have enough space to move.He just sat there and did his job.Anyway on the way there, someone grabbed my freakin ass.I was shocked.I’ve heard some nurses say that some men would accidentally touch your ass while walking.But i was surprised because he did not touch it accidentally he grabbed it!wtf!
         I was so angry and surprised that i did not know how to react or what to do.The man passed by me and stopped.I looked at him very angry hoping that he would feel guilty.Instead he also looked at me and licked his lips woth his tongue.I was thinking of punching him or doing anything to hurt him.But i felt helpless.As you can see people here look down on filipinos.No matter what our work is, they still look down on us.
         They are muslims and they worship several times a day, they respect their women.But don’t ever expect them to respect us filipinos.I did not fight back because i was afraid that he might turn everything on me.He can make it look like it was my fault.A lot of bad things happen to innocent filipinos here.I decided not to fight back.I just prayed that his karma will come and go after him.
          After a few minutes, another man grabbed my ass again.I wanted to explode.I wanted to cry.I felt a  lot of things.
      By the way i  was wearing an abaya. It is what all the women here wear when they go out.It looks like a black long robe.I did not even fix my hair that day or wear any make up.I just uaed my light pink lipstick because i did not want to look like a zombie.still, someone grabbed my ass.
        Men here are so hungry for anything.I feel sad and angry because they think that they can satisfy their hunger by disrespecting foreign women who work for their country.


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