How to be kind without losing your mind


    I know that we should be kind to one another.i know that it’s written on the bible that we  should do good to everyone.Even those who have done us wrong.
    Everyday i am trying very hard to be kind even to those people who have wronged me.but they end up doing thesame mistake again and again.Why do people take advantage of other people’s kindness?This happens to me everytime i try to be kind to someone.As a result i feel like i am not thesame person as before.When i want to help someone, there is a part of me that prevents me from helping.Something inside tells me not to be a victim anymore.
    I feel bad when i dont help.But when i do help and they take advantage of me i feel guilty.I dont know what i should do sometimes.
    One of the reasons why i want to go home is i dont want to be a different person.I don’t want to become the person that i am becoming.I like myself the way i was before.I miss it. : (
    I dont know the exact solution to be kind without losing one’s mind.All i know is i need to go home because im hoping that when i go back to my home..I’ll be able to feel who i was before.


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