TGIF for 3 hours?!!?


        Every friday is our day off here in khamis mushayt saudi arabia. Only one day off per week. Better one than what  i’ve said before, if you work in this country you’ll learn to appreciate the small things that tou have(the little freedom that is given to you).
      And unlike other people in other countries who spend their day iff hanging out with family,loved one and friends, here your day off is spent buying all the things that you need for 2-3 weeks,shampoo,load or other girly stuff that you need.When we have extra time we buy things that we can send to our families.I’ve been doing these for 2 years already.Every market day we spend 3 hrs to buy all that we need.sometimes our driver is in a good mood and our employer does not need him so we get extra 2 hours to shop.
       Many times i buy too much so  i overspend.This is due to 2 main reasons..first, 1 rial here is equivalent to 10 pesos in philippine money.So when i buy, i  often think that it’s cheap.But the price of food here really is cheap. Secondly, when i write down on paper what i will buy,i wnd up not following it.Especially when we arrived at the mall and everything’s on sale.It seems like i lose my focus.The goal that i’ve set on my mind to only buy the things that i need, suddenly disappears.It only comes back when we arrive home and i look at my wallet. Then i tell myself “oh shit i did it again”.
          Anyway my point is, going out every 2 weeks for only 3 hours just to buy food in order not to die of hunger for 2 weeks , is happiness here.Maybe if i was still in the philippines i would complain of having 2 days off that is not enough.Notonly that, those 2 days off will be spent doing nothing most of the time.
        I conclude that not ony  is water considered as gold here.But also, TIME.


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