Why Filipimo nurses work in saudi arabia.


  There are a lot of reasons why a lot of filipino nurses chose/choose to work in saudi  arabia.
     I for one decided to work here for 2 years.
One of my reason was that of all the other countries that i can work to,the Kingdom of saudi arabia was the most easiest country to apply with not that much requirement or experience needed.Applying yo other countries like Canada,Singapore or Dubai requires many things.The most comkon requirement in working here are:
  1. Prometric exam
  2. Medical exam
  3. 2 yrs experience (but in some cases other companies will accept even without experience.that is how much they need nurses in this country)
   4. The processing fee is not that expensive.except in agencies that think of nurses as an atm machine.i think it is also the responsibility of the nurse applying how much they are required to pay and not just believe anything that the agency says.
    5. There is no tax here in saudi.
    6. Free accommodation and transportation.which means you can save money if you know how to resist buying gadgets here which are always on sale.
   7. Free airfare ticket when you go on vacation and when you finish your contract.
    8. It is a great stepping stone if in the future you will apply to other countries.why? Everyone knows(or so i think) that anyone who worked in saudi arabia, really worked hard.Especially us filipinos.: )
  Note to future nurses who want to apply: be careful as to which agency you are goong to apply.according to the saudi labor law the amount that you will pay to the agency is the amount of your salary.so dont be fooled.dont pay 30-40k pesos knowing thay your salary is only20k or less.


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