On the road to insanity (work stress)


   I always tell myself that i need to be patient and understanding in order to surivive here in saudi arabia. But it has been difficult doing that lately; i feel like i’ve been keeping all my anger and stress inside me that it’s just too much for me to handle.I think that 2 years is a long time waiting for change in my workplace.
Im afraid that anytime soon i might explode and surprise everbody around me. It seems unfair that i am obliged to understand why people act the way they do while no one would even care to understand me.
    When i first arrived and worked here i immediately experienced stress from work but i hoped that maybe after 1 yr everything will be in place since the system needs time to adjust.sadly,after 2 years the system is still thesame.
       A lot of prayer and perseverance..and finding the inspiration that you need was the solution to the problem.But i still cant wait to go back to Philippines.There’s nothing like home.


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