My miracle


I dont know if you’ve all heard about this apple cider vinegar but it really helped me with my problems.i drink it everyday as my tea.i use iy for:
the first time i arrived here in saudi arabia i had a lot of breakouts.all over my face. I tried acne creams and antibitics but it did not work.i was syarting to lose hope.then i searced on the internet and i foud this apple cider vinegar which they said was good for acne.i was desperate so i tried it.i admit the taste was not that appealing but it was something that i know i needed to try.
  Everyday i drank 3 cups of apple cider vinegar before or sometimes after meal.i did it for almost 3 months.gradually my acne disappeared.i couldnt believe it.but i  am so happu with the result.
then i decided to drink just once a day for maintenance.i have also noticed that when i dont drink my apple cider vinegar tea i would have breakouts.i did not drink it for 2 weeks and my pimples would appear.
Anyway,now im  drinking it again and i’ve decided to stick with it.
I prepare it using this formula: 1 cup of hot water then add 2 tablespoon of apple cider plus 1  tbsp of honey.and you’re good to go.

2. Allergy : since i was small i’ve had allergy with a lot of made my life difficult.i had allergy with seafood,dust,smoke and if the weather is cold.but after drinking apple cider i can eat any seafood i want without fear of having an allergy.

3. Diegstion. Apple cider tea helped my stomach digest food easily.before, i always had hearburns, gerd and other stomach problems.

4. Weight loss. I was a bit fat before i started drinking apple cider.maybe  about 50-55 im 46-47.

So thank you Apple cider saved me. I think its the best tea.An all in one tea.i really got a lot of benifits drinking this tea.


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