Kingdom of saudi arabia: by the window

       It’s my first time to write a blog.So i’ve decided to write about something that changed me.

     I never thought i’d be working in saudi arabia.But here i am now!..happy to have survived 2 years in this country.They said that working in Saudi arabia is a stepping stone to one’s career.I agree.But not only that, it is also a stepping stone to learnig about life and about yourself.

       I think that completing a 2 year contract in saudi arabia is an achievement. I learned a lot of things; about me..the people living in this country and people i am working with. It’s impossible not to know these things when your everday routine is going to work then returning back to the accommodation for 2 years!. 

           Doing thesame thing everyday is boring.i dont know how i survived.If i was back in  the Philippines i would have already changed my job into something new.but here, there is nothing you can do.You can complain all you want but you will still end up doing what you told to do.

        On the other hand there are some advantages working here.First is I learned another language. Im happy that i now know how to speak arabic.i can understand them a bit when they talk and i can also converse with them.Who knows, maybe i can use it in my future career.  : )

         Second, I learned about their culture and religion.They are very strict with following the rules of their religion.Praying many times a day.i think 5 times a day?is not an option to not matter what you’re doing you better stop it when it’s time to pray.All the malls and restaurants close.Also, the person that they should marry is chosen by their parents. BUut nowadays, they have an option if they accept the person that is chosen by their parents.They will then be engaged then that will be the time that they can get to know each other.if they dont like each other they can call off the wedding and try to find another possible husband or wife.

      Thirdly, i learned to appreciate the little freedom that i have while working here.In the philippines people and also me would often complain that 2 days off is not, ome day off is already a blessing.Time management is very important.You should already have in mind as to what you should do after work.that includes, cooking,cleaning and doing the laundry.I learned how to prioritize things that i need done.Going to the market for buying food should be done3-4 hours only every 2 i had to buy things that i needed first then buy the things that i wanted.most often,there is not enough time to do it.i get so confused sometimes as to what i should buy i buy the food that i need to eat fr the coming week?or do i buy the things that i will give to my family in fear that after 2 weeks there will be no more discounts on those items.choose wisely.

This is it for now..ill write about more advantages later.Image


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