2nd advantage: learning customs and traditons


Today i am writing about the second advantage of working in saudi arabia.You get to learn a lot of things about their culture.
   I have a lot of patients who come to our clinic because they want to look beutiful and have flawless skin before they get married.i had a patient who was only 14 and she is already engaged to marry someone whom she doesnt even know.they met only once and that was during their engagement. I was angry when she told me that her parents picked the person whom she will soon marry.and that she doesnt even know anything about him except his name.
  But the longer i stayed in this country i slowly came yo accept their tradition.maybe it is a good thing that parents are the one who will pick who they should marry.why?in other free countries where people get to choose who they want to be with end up divorcing their wife or husbands.some get marry eventhough they dont have a stable job yet.here before a woman gets married the man should have a good paying job so he can provide for his family  . The other good thing is if the woman does not like her future husband during the engagement process she can just say no and her parents will look for another suitable husband for her.

The women here in saudi arabia are treated queens by their husband.they are not obliged to work.and those who do work only work for a few hours.women here can go shopping everyday.the men do all the work.

Still,they are not allowed to go anywhere they want without being accompanied by their husbands.it can also be an advantage because they are always together with their husbands.

When women go to the bank or need to pay something, they dont need to fall in line behind men.no matter how long the line is they will still be enyertained first.i enjoy this advantage everytime i go to the bank or mall.

Women are queens in the kingdom of Saudi arabia.


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