too excited

 Okay i admit i was a bit too excited in writing mr first blog that was not able to arrange my ideas in order. It’s just that i have so much to say that i ended up mixing my ideas. Anyway, to make it more clear i’ve decided to write about the advantages of working in Saudi Arabia one by one.One article for eachof the advantages. 

 I’ll start with the first one. Learning a new language; which is Arabic. Leatning how to speak and understand a certain language always fascinated me but i was not able to study a certain language for a longtime and practice it. 

 I started to learn and study arabic the fist day i arrived here in saudi arabia.Yes, some of th people here know how to speak english but it’ps not enough.In my line of work i needed to talk to patients and they also asked me a lot pf questions.By the way i am a laser nurse. Imagine someone talking to you in a way that you think is very fast.and not only 1 person will ask you,but a lot of them.almost all of my patients ask me questions everyday.They were irritated because i didnt understand them.And i was also angry because i did not understand a single thing they told me.some of them tried to talk to me very  hope that i might understand  them.Unfortunately  both of us failed.

   The first thing that i did was i took some notes.i asked our receptionists,patients and other people about basic atabic words which i can use. I tried to memorize the numbers then other basic instructioms which i can use when i have a was easy memorizing them but it was also easy to took me 2 weeks just to memorize the numbers.i was losing hope. 

 Then i asked myself what was the problem. I then realzed that i was not practising it.i was just memorizing  but not using it. That day i told myself that i will speak arabic everyday so that i wont forget what i’ve learned.

At first soem patients laughed at me when i tried to talk to them in arabic.but it’s a good idea because the corrected me everytime i said something wrong.after a few months i was able to talk to them with ease.i am not an expert in speaking arabic but because i’ve learned how to speak arabic it made my life a  little easier. 



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