Laser Nurse (what it’s like to have this job in k.s.a.)


   I would like to introduce the “GENTLE LASE PRO” .  This is a laser machine used to remove hair.And this is my job.For 2 years i have been removing hair of the patients in Cosmoline clinic here in Saudi Arabia.
    I was first assigned to Dermatology dept. But then i  was transferred here to do laser.
Since the first day i started with this job until now, i can say that stress was always there to welcome me.Although the level of stress is not thesame like before, stress was never absent  in this kind of job.Anyone who has this job is not allowed to get sick because no one will replace you and it would mean a loss of money to the company.
    Laser hair removal is very in demand here in Saudi Arabia.It’s a profitable business.
      As a laser nurse the only benefit that i get from this job is the incentive which i must say is not that high;since it depends on how many patients i’ve done in one day.
        Now why am i stressed everyday when i am receiving extra money every month?
         First,the patients.Patients who dont shave.which means you will do the shaving for their whole freakin body by yourself and you will finish late from work.After doing that,all their hair stick to your white uniform.There are also those who ask for too much discount and those who do laser for free,meaning you will not get any incentive.You are working hard for nothing.Another kind of patients who always complain that laser is not good or the nurse is not good but still,they keep on coming back.Patients who do not come regularly and so their hair is still thesame as before.They complain you to the doctor and the doctor gets angry at you.
         Second, the possibility of burning your patients.This is very common especially if it is your first time to do laser.Imagine  accidentally burning a patient who is kind to you and is getting married?Her family will be angry,her fiance,the doctor will think you are not good.
       Third,the patient’s apointment. The receptionists would most of the time give you only 1 hour to do full body laset to 1 patient.Sometimes they would make an appointment for the patient 30 minutes before you go home.If one is in laser,expect to be late im going home.They would also force you to do laser for a patient who has no appointment even if your work time is already finished.why?because it’s money.They dont care if you are hungry or tired for working for 10 hours already. I sometimes feel like i am a slave.
        Fourth,salary and incentive.Since the salary is not good, all the nurses want to have a high incentive.To do this,we must have a lot of patients who should do full body session for laser.The problem is if the patients that you are receiving are only retouch.Retouch is done after we do a session to a is usually after 10 days.So its free.How would the other nurse feel if she is has only been doing retouch the whole day while the other one is doing a session which is paid and has an incentive?ofcourse that nurse will be angry.All the nurses are working hard but at the end of the month,the nurse who has done a lot of paid sessions is the one who will get a good incentive.Now that is unfair.
      Fifth,time limit.You are only allowed to do laser at an allotted time.Any nurse is not allowed to be late no matter what the corcumstance is.Nurses usually have to give quality servive to patients or to do a shitty job and finish early so that there would be no problems with the receptionists outside who is also angry because you are late and the other one banging at your door to finish tha patient immediately.
       This job has really tested my patience and faith.




Pinoy worker raped, beaten up in Saudi desert | ABS-CBN News

Pinoy worker raped, beaten up in Saudi desert | ABS-CBN News.


Every employer who hires a filipino worker is very lucky. Not only do they give a small salary to us compared to other nationalities but i am sure they know how hard working filipinos are.

They let us work 10-12 hours  day and sometimes more.We don’t complain.we perform our jobs well,and yet the employers play blind.I laugh everytime in my mind when i am asked why i will not renew my contract.i mea really?you want me stay in this hell place?

Yes,they might say that they appre iate your work.But they will not show it.  Life already is unfair.but they make it more unfair to filipinos. We dont deserve this and you dont deserve us.

Today when i saw this article ablout a guy being beat up and raped by a police officer, it tore my heart. How could they do this to someone?No one deserved to be treated like that.

A few days ago i also saw on the news about an overseas filipino worker who was severely burned.Her employer threw boiling hot water on her.

How could someone who prays several times a day and consider themselves to be very religious be so cruel to another human being?who has the right to hurt another person just because they dont have thesame religon as theirs?

This man deserves Justice. And to those people who did this to him, may your God forgive and help you.

How sincere is one’s sencerity?

    How does one know if a person is sincere or  not? And can one truly be sincere but not that sincere? Or there is only sincerity and just faking to be sincere?
     I am not an expert in knowing if someone is sincere or not, but i think living and working in a very closed area where you work and live with thesame people for a long time will make you sensitive to sincerity.
       Before, i was naive when it comes to sincerity.When someone is nice to me or offer help, i immediately think that they are sincere.But as time passes by and i get to know those people,i begin to question their sincerity.I used to think that everyone is just kind.Simple as that. Then as i got to know them either by spending time or observation, i usually doubt their sincerity.
     We often show our sincerity through our feelings and actions.So, i think that  if a person is sincere you will also see it in the way they behave.For example, Politicians who always say that they will do everything to help end poverty and yet they steal from the people. And people who say they love someone yet they cheat to their partners?what is that?
      The other way to know the sincerity of a person is if they have a hidden agenda towards you. It’s hard to admit that we use one another,but it’s true. People sometimes pretend to be nice or pretend to help you because they need something in return.Knowing that helping someone could also help you.Can we truly be sincere to someone without asking or expecting something in return?
       Also, people are sometimes sincere only because they are required to be sincere.knowing this, they force themselves to be sincere inorder to avoid being judged by other people.what would other people say when they see that you don’t care?well you have no choice but to pretend being sincere.The problem is,people who really know you will possibly not believe your act.
   It is very difficult to believe someone’s sincerity when you know who they really are.The sad thing is,you will usually never believe them no matter what they do. That is why i don’t believe in a little or too much sincerity.It’s either you are sincere or you’re just faking it.



Why i am doing laser.

     This is my job.I remove hair.I ended up with this job when our employer who was also a dermatologist  and our medical director was a dentist,  made me choose which area i want to work.
     I admit my method of choosing was stupid.These 2 men were looking at me waiting for me to make a choice.Our employer looked at me smiling..he looked kind and welcoming.on the otherhand our medical director gave me a look that was very serious.He looked scary; he made me feel that if i make one mistake from work he is gping to end my life.Although i did not want to offend any of them, i had to make a choice.
     I chose my employer.So i was assigned in dermatology.But the problem is i was only assigned there for a few months.I was then sent to laser. On that day forward stress and problems came running toward me everyday.Every night before i sleep i cant help but think who i burned today and pray that they wont complain about my work.
       For 2 years that i did laser i learned a lot of thingd but in those 2 years everyday i also prayed that i was in a different department.Other nurses dont need to thin kabout the outcome of their work because they are only assisting the doctor.But in laser you are the one assisting yourself and making sure that you will give the patient very good result.
          I am relieved that my contract in laser ended.I am ready to try something new again and to choose more wisely.Never judge a book by its cover.

My ass and Racism

    Last friday  we went out to buy food that we needed for 2 weeks.The place is about 20 minutes from our house.we were so excited to go out even for just 3 hours.It’sfreedom here.     One of the reasons why i was excited was because i’d finally get my new watch adjusted and my broken facial steam fixed.
    Friday is market day for everyone.So as predicted, there was a lot of people and mostly men.We got out of the car and went our separate ways.We usually buy food by pairs so as not to get lost or kidnapped. Im not saying that it’s very commom to be kidnapped here but it’s just  a precaution;meaning there is a possibility to be kidnapped.
        On our way to the repairshop for watches.Actually it was just a small stall.there was a man sitting on  a chair repairing watches.the space where he is doing his work  did not have enough space to move.He just sat there and did his job.Anyway on the way there, someone grabbed my freakin ass.I was shocked.I’ve heard some nurses say that some men would accidentally touch your ass while walking.But i was surprised because he did not touch it accidentally he grabbed it!wtf!
         I was so angry and surprised that i did not know how to react or what to do.The man passed by me and stopped.I looked at him very angry hoping that he would feel guilty.Instead he also looked at me and licked his lips woth his tongue.I was thinking of punching him or doing anything to hurt him.But i felt helpless.As you can see people here look down on filipinos.No matter what our work is, they still look down on us.
         They are muslims and they worship several times a day, they respect their women.But don’t ever expect them to respect us filipinos.I did not fight back because i was afraid that he might turn everything on me.He can make it look like it was my fault.A lot of bad things happen to innocent filipinos here.I decided not to fight back.I just prayed that his karma will come and go after him.
          After a few minutes, another man grabbed my ass again.I wanted to explode.I wanted to cry.I felt a  lot of things.
      By the way i  was wearing an abaya. It is what all the women here wear when they go out.It looks like a black long robe.I did not even fix my hair that day or wear any make up.I just uaed my light pink lipstick because i did not want to look like a zombie.still, someone grabbed my ass.
        Men here are so hungry for anything.I feel sad and angry because they think that they can satisfy their hunger by disrespecting foreign women who work for their country.

How to be kind without losing your mind


    I know that we should be kind to one another.i know that it’s written on the bible that we  should do good to everyone.Even those who have done us wrong.
    Everyday i am trying very hard to be kind even to those people who have wronged me.but they end up doing thesame mistake again and again.Why do people take advantage of other people’s kindness?This happens to me everytime i try to be kind to someone.As a result i feel like i am not thesame person as before.When i want to help someone, there is a part of me that prevents me from helping.Something inside tells me not to be a victim anymore.
    I feel bad when i dont help.But when i do help and they take advantage of me i feel guilty.I dont know what i should do sometimes.
    One of the reasons why i want to go home is i dont want to be a different person.I don’t want to become the person that i am becoming.I like myself the way i was before.I miss it. : (
    I dont know the exact solution to be kind without losing one’s mind.All i know is i need to go home because im hoping that when i go back to my home..I’ll be able to feel who i was before.

Dead town


  This photo was taken outside a shopping mall yesterday.It was still early but if you look at the looks like no humans still go in that place.i took that picture at about 7 pm friday night.
   If it’s your first time here,maybe u’ll ask yourself “where did all the people go?”
    This place would be a good setting for a zombie movie.don’t you agree? : )